Verified Ticket Resale


If you need to sell your online ticket, Sundream Tulum has teamed up with TIXEL as the only verified ticket resale platform to ensure everyone is protected when buying and selling their tickets.

You MUST sell your ticket on TIXEL to ensure the ticket is valid on the day. If you have already found a specific buyer, you can list your ticket "privately" through TIXEL.

In order to ensure a smooth check in process for all attending Sundream Tulum, the verified Tixel resale platform will close 48 hours prior to the event commencing. 

List your tickets here:

Hotel + Event Package Resale

Sundream Tulum & Papaya Playa Project are now supporting the resale of Papaya Playa Project and Habitas Hotel + Event Packages through the verified Tixel resale facility.

Please note: event passes that are included with a hotel accomodation package cannot be sold separately on Tixel; attempting to sell event passes that were issued as part of a hotel accommodation package will result in your entire accomodation package being sold.

Any add-ons to Hotel Packages that were purchased within the same order such as additional nights or after party tickets will be included within the resale transaction and cannot be sold separately.

All resale transactions of Hotel + Event Packages will be manually verified by the Sundream Tulum & Hotel teams to avoid any reissuing errors. This process will take up to 48 hours.

In order to ensure a smooth check in process for all attending Sundream Tulum, the verified Tixel resale platform will close 48 hours prior to the event commencing.

List your Hotel + Event Package on Tixel here:

Looking To Buy Tickets

If you missed out on tickets to Sundream Tulum, you can sign up to the TIXEL waitlist and you'll be notified as soon as a ticket becomes available through the TIXEL verified resale facility. This is the only way to buy resale tickets safely and legitimately.

Sign up here:

Name On Ticket Policy

Does my name need to be on my ticket?

Yes, your name must be on your ticket and match your ID shown upon entry. Security will be enforcing this to ensure the validity of your ticket and to ensure punters are not scammed when buying second-hand tickets.

I've already sold my ticket to Sundream Tulum and need to do a name change or I have found a buyer privately, how can I do that?

Sundream Tulum has a name on ticket policy, meaning that the name on your ticket must match your ID. It is important that any ticket transfers are arranged ahead of time, or you run the risk of that ticket being invalid for your use on the day of the event.

If you have already sold your ticket or need to change the name on your ticket, TIXEL provides a facility where they automatically reissue a new ticket in the buyers, or new person's name. 

When listing your ticket, you can use the price slider to lower your price, while you can also make your listing private on the final step so that only people who have your unique link will be able to buy your ticket. 

Head here to list your ticket:


If you have any questions or need assistance with buying or selling your tickets on Tixel, you can contact the Tixel support team here: